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2017-2018 AOI Yearbooks

Every year the Academy of Innovation creates a unique yearbook to commemorate the school year. This year is no different. You can choose to purchase an ad to support our school or you can simply purchase the yearbook! 

Purchase Yearbook
Want to have a book of sweet memories for your child to look back on for years to come? Order Today!
Purchase a Yearbook Ad!

Do you own a business? What better way to promote it than purchasing an ad in our yearbook! These get out to people from all over our community. 

Parents, purchase an ad to spotlight your child and make ’em feel special! Place your order now!

Full Page – $50.00
Half Page – $25.00
Quarter Page – $15.00
Eighth Page – $10.00

SORRY!!! We are no longer taking orders! You’re welcome to order an ad in the 2018-2019 yearbook!