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Member of GAPSEC (Georgia Association Private Schools for Exceptional Children) , GISA (Georgia Independent School Association), Wilson Accredited Partner & Accredited by Georgia Accreditation Commission

The Academy

Academy of Innovation (AOI) is an accredited 501(c)(3) private school with a personalized and positive approach to teaching children in grades 1 through 12.  

As a full-time private school, we complement our community’s educational system with innovative approaches and proven research-based teaching methods. We individually address the needs of students facing learning barriers to unlock their hidden potential and let learning take flight.

From specific learning disabilities such as dyslexia and ADD/ADHD to students who struggle in a traditional classroom setting, Academy of Innovation strengthens our students’ learning skills so they can succeed in any learning environment.

Who is Academy of Innovation


At AOI, we believe in fostering our students’ emotional, physical and intellectual growth in a compassionate, nurturing environment that removes barriers to learning while challenging our students to excel and reach their full potential.


The mission of Academy of Innovation is to provide individualized, student-focused academic services that help maximize both the scholastic and career-related success of those students in the Northeast Georgia area who possess learning differences and challenges.

How AOI Helped My Child

“Academy of Innovation is a place filled with miracle workers who help my thankfully different child.”

– AOI parent