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Member of GAPSEC (Georgia Association Private Schools for Exceptional Children) , GISA (Georgia Independent School Association), Wilson Accredited Partner & Accredited by Georgia Accreditation Commission


Is Academy of Innovation the same thing as Ava White Academy?

Yes, in early 2017 we underwent a name change upon receiving our 501 (c) (3) designation.

Where is Academy of Innovation located?

Academy of Innovation (AOI) is located at 1399 Thompson Bridge Rd, Gainesville, Ga. The school is a free-standing building behind Westminster Presbyterian Church.

What grades are included at the school?

AOI currently offers grades 1-12.

What are the hours of the school day?

School begins at 8:30 a.m. and dismisses at 3:00 p.m. Morning drop-off time begins at 8:15 and the afternoon ends around 3:15 p.m.

What school calendar do you follow?

We typically follow Gainesville City and Hall County School calendars. Our major holidays (Christmas, Spring Break, Thanksgiving, etc.) are the same, but some of our teacher workdays might vary from either of these 2 calendars.

Do you serve lunch?   

No, all students must bring a nutritious lunch.

What is the student/teacher ratio?  

The class sizes vary from one teacher per three students, to six students to as many as 10 students to one teacher. We do not group our students by traditional grade levels. Instead, we do educational testing and look at each student’s ability in each subject area. So, our students are grouped by skill levels rather than by grade or age. We have found that by grouping our students with similar academic strengths and weaknesses, instruction can be customized for maximum scholastic growth.

Describe AOI’s application process.  

A student must have a formal diagnosis of a learning disability, which may include one or more of the following: ADHD, dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, central auditory processing disorder (CAPD) or non-verbal learning disability. A learning disability is generally defined as a cognitive dysfunction characterized by the inability to comprehend written symbols, despite conventional instruction, adequate intelligence and socio-cultural opportunities. Applicants must have a documented diagnosis (within the last 3 years) of one or more learning disabilities from a licensed psychologist to be considered a candidate for the school. Parents may call the office (770 536-6898) and request that an application be mailed, scanned or faxed to them. They can also access the website and download the application.

At this time we do not have specific deadlines for applications. Instead, completed applications to the Academy are welcome at any time. After the application is turned in, a student may be invited to spend a day at the Academy. Then a decision about acceptance is made and communicated by letter, phone call, or email.

What standardized tests does AOI administer?

When a student enters the Academy, we use an educational battery consisting of subtests from the LANGUAGE!, Gray Silent Reading Test, DIBELS< and Woodcock-Johnson III Tests of Achievement. Assessment tools are selected based on the student’s age, identified learning challenges, data from past evaluations, IEPs and parent input. The same tests are administered as pre-tests and post-tests. Many of these tests are given on an individual basis.

What types of classes are offered at AOI? 

We use research-based programs to work with students who have learning challenges. We match the curriculum to the student after reviewing the results from diagnostic testing. Our programs include the Wilson Reading System, Lindamood-Bell (Visualizing Verbalizing Program), Project READ, LANGUAGE!, University of Kansas SIMS Strategies: Sentence and Paragraph Writing, Paraphrasing and Summarizing, Math-u-See, Saxon Math, and Mathability. In addition, every student takes 30 minutes of daily keyboarding instruction. Students also alternate classes in Science and Social Studies each semester. For all subjects, teachers use a multi-sensory approach which involves active learning. This type of engaging instruction involves the auditory, visual, tactile and kinesthetic pathways to the brain and helps build long term memory.

How is a student’s academic progress measured and reported?

Progress monitoring and benchmark testing are built into our educational programs, and we share these results with parents as students meet their academic goals. In addition, we send report cards home on a quarterly basis. We also share the curriculum based assessments which demonstrate student progress on specific academic skills.

Is AOI accredited?

Yes, we have two certificates of accreditation. AOI is accredited by the Georgia Accrediting Commission. On December 5, 2013, we received the news that we had been approved to become a Wilson Accredited Partner. This partnership recognizes the school’s excellence in the delivery of Wilson language programs. The accreditation process involves a review by Wilson Language Training specialists to ensure that the students are receiving instruction in accordance with Wilson’s high standards.

Do you accept funding from the Georgia Special Needs Student scholarships program (SB10)?

Yes, AOI accepts scholarship funding provided by Georgia for students who meet their eligibility criteria. Scholarship awards range from $2500 to $9000 with the average being around $5000. For more information please visit the Georgia Department of Education website.

Do you accept funding from the Georgia Tuition tax credit program (HB1133)?

In 2008, the Georgia legislature passed this law which allows individual and corporations to redirect a portion of their Georgia income tax to provide scholarships for private school students. Anyone who pays Georgia income tax is eligible to participate in the Georgia Tuition tax credit program. AOI has partnered with GASSO, a state approved Student Scholarship Organization (SSO). GASSO does not award scholarships based on the income level of the student’s family. For more information, please go to the GASSO website.

Do you offer tutoring services?

Yes, we do offer tutoring via Ava White Tutorials. Students of all ages come to our office for help in all school subjects, including SAT/ACT test preparation as well as high school and college level math. Please call our office at 770 536-6898 or email us at if you would like more information about our tutorial program.

Is a gift to AOI tax deductible?

Since obtaining our 501 (c)(3) status, all gifts made to The Academy are tax deductible.

Since AOI is a 501 (c)(3), can my child’s tuition at The Academy be tax deductible?

We advise our families to check with their CPA to determine if their tuition can be claimed as a tax deduction.

How does the Hybrid Middle and High School work?

Older students who are able to read and write independently can enroll in the on-line middle and high school program that is available at AOI. The fee for this service is usually an extra $250, but students are able to take a wide variety of classes through our affiliation with Fuel Education or Georgia Virtual School. As students take the online class, a teacher is present to help with curriculum questions, technology issues or provide any assistance that is needed through the course. High school students can earn Carnegie units for completed courses, which become credits for graduation. This type of curriculum has proven to be an excellent way for students to go at their own pace, while encountering fewer distractions than a traditional class would have. Students also receive immediate feedback for their work and have up-to-date knowledge of their grades. Students using this method are less likely to lose class paperwork and are afforded the ability to take classes on an accelerated pace.

Are students able to graduate from AOI?

Yes, provided that they earn the right number and type of Carnegie units as specified by the Georgia Department of Education to earn a Georgia high school diploma. Students who earn these units will be able to choose to apply to any higher educational institution.

What are typical results of students who attend AOI?

We publish Our Report Cards so you can see how our students have made academic gains over the last few years.

How does our tuition price compare with other special needs private schools in the area?

We provide a comparison of our tuition costs with three other Atlanta area private special education schools.