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How AOI Helped My Dyslexic Child


A Note From a Dad:

I enjoyed the Chili cook-off event even though it would appear I was not engaged. I live 5 hrs away, don’t know anyone and I don’t engage in chit-chat much. I just want to express that Zach is so much happier after he started attending your academy a few years ago. It totally changed his personality and confidence in himself. I know there have been some “bumps in the road” but I want to express my extreme appreciation for what you are doing for him and all the other students. You changed his life in an extreme way!!!! I know you work tirelessly and probably get little gratitude; I can’t express my gratitude enough. I signed up for your monthly newsletter so I will try to be more engaged. Zach & I bought more goods on Saturday afternoon and he will be bringing them in for the GateWay Home drive; it’s a great cause.

A Note From a Doctor:

Over the last several months my patient has been attending AOI full time. Not only has he made significant improvements academically but his symptoms of depression and anxiety has improved which have led to an overall improvement in his behavior. My patient now looks forward to school on a daily basis.

AOI is  private schools for kids with special needs specifically designed to give students with learning differences the opportunity to get what they need with smaller groups and a highly specialized program. At the AOI my patient no longer feels singled out or different from the other students due to being pulled out of his regular classes several times a day to attend small groups or go to a quieter area.

Comments from a parent meeting:

  • My son is excited to come to school. He is happy, feels successful, loves reading now, get dressed and does not fight about homework! He is happy and not angry. We love AOI! And Mrs. Maura.
  • Things I like about AOI:
    • Small class size, individualized attention from teachers and understanding my child’s difficulties.
    • The individualized learning program is a wonderful asset to the students; the teachers and staff are friendly and great to work with; they work hard to ensure each child’s success
  • We’re beyond delighted with his progress this year! Thank you, AOI!
  • We chose AOI primarily because the public middle school option was not really adept to meet our child’s educational needs. We knew he could do more academically and wanted to give him the opportunity.
  • The school provides easy access for a physically challenged child.
  • AOI was the BEST choice we could have ever made for our son!
  • She looks forward to school each day and says she wants to be a teacher to help teach children with Dyslexia. 

A letter from a mom:

I just wanted to thank you for all the help you gave my daughter. I wanted to give you a quick update on how’s she’s doing. At the end of school this year she is on DRA level 28 and is all caught up with everyone else! She was so excited and I know you working with her, before starting 2nd grade, has helped her tremendously. Thank you so much!!!

A letter from a dad:

Where has this year gone; I cannot believe how fast the time is flying by.  In the car on Friday I was asking my daughter how things were going and she just laughed and shared how much she loves school.  I obviously dug deeper and asked what she enjoyed; the answer surprised me.  I thought she was going to say that she likes the kids or something along those lines; however, she immediately said how much she likes Mr. Ron and how fun he makes learning.  She went on and on about his teaching style and his creativity in the classroom and how she can’t wait to see what he will teach her next year.  Based upon how excited she is about National History at home, I would say he must have a way with kids.  She then jumped on to Ms. Katie and shared how much she loves her encouraging nature and the fun she has learning how to write.  Lastly, I apologize for not knowing her name, but she then mentioned how much she likes her typing instructor and learning to type.

Thank you for helping my daughter to enjoy school and not just muddle through.  I am thankful for the teachers that you have placed in my daughter’s life and for their genuine interest in my daughter’s life.  As we consider what we will do for next school season, I will reflect on the fact that I know my daughter feels both safe and uplifted at AOI, as well as her new found love for learning and resulting grades – thank you.