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Member of GAPSEC (Georgia Association Private Schools for Exceptional Children) , GISA (Georgia Independent School Association), Wilson Accredited Partner & Accredited by Georgia Accreditation Commission

Ava White Tutorials

An affiliated partner of Academy of Innovation, Ava White Tutorials offers students of all ages, including college students and adults, an opportunity for one-on-one instruction and personal support. With more than 35 years of proven results, our academic coaches work to identify each student’s tutoring goals and tailor sessions to meet individual needs and schedules.

Academic Coaching Services

• Reading and language skills
• Mathematics, language arts, science
• Reading support (Wilson Reading System)
• Studying and note-taking skills
• Homework and project help
• Middle and high school courses (Regular, Honors, AP, EOCT & GED)
• Building attention skills for effective work within a classroom
• Developing strategies for LD and ADHD students
• Preparing students for standardized tests (including SAT, ACT & CRCT), and exit and entrance exams

Student Assessments

In addition to traditional tutoring services, Ava White Tutorials offers educational evaluations to assess students’ levels in reading, math and written expression to pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses. This process identifies learning needs so we can set realistic academic expectations and create a plan to achieve the established educational goals.

Parent Advisement

Parent involvement is key to a student’s academic success, which is why we extend our expertise to parents. Teaching parents the skills to assist their children on their learning journey enables parents to make informed decisions about their child’s academic future.  We can also help answer questions about public and private schools, regular and special education, retention and advancement as well as serve  as a liaison between the school and home in teacher-parent meetings and school staffing.


Ana came to us as a 5th grader, who was struggling to read – not any more!  Now in 7th grade, Ana is devouring Harry Potter and even reading it faster than Mary Forrest, her tutor! Thanks to Ana’s hard work and Mary’s expert Wilson instruction, she loves to read now!