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Member of GAPSEC (Georgia Association Private Schools for Exceptional Children) , GISA (Georgia Independent School Association), Wilson Accredited Partner & Accredited by Georgia Accreditation Commission

Coaching Services

Let Us Help You With The Following Individual Tutoring Goals

  • Develop and enrich reading, math, and all other academic skills in a setting of one-on-one instruction
  • Improve organizational and study skills
  • Improve test-taking skills
  • Build good attention skills for effective work within a classroom
  • Develop strategies for LD and ADHD students
  • Prepare students for standardized tests, and exit and entrance exams
Reading and Language Skills
  • Improve verbal / written expression
  • Guide students in report, essay and research writing
  • Recommend appropriate books for ability and interest levels
  • Instruct in grammar, punctuation and spelling skills
  • Improve reading comprehension skills
  • Offer speed reading instruction
  • Provide intensive program for struggling readers

The Wilson Reading System is used to help remediate students who are struggling with reading. This program has shown remarkable results for people of all ages, including dyslexic, learning disabled, ADHD, ADD and ESOL students.

  • Increase basic skills for whole numbers, fractions and decimals
  • Teach skills in telling time, and working with money
  • Strengthen and improve speed with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts
  • Provide a solid Pre-Algebra foundation
  • Improve high-level skills in Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus and Calculus
Early School Experience
  • Reinforce and provide repetition of basic concepts for late learning experiences
  • Work on numerical concepts, letter formations, sight words and primary math skills
  • Provide activities that teach task completion, following directions and other appropriate school behaviors
  • Promote fine motor skills necessary for printed and cursive handwriting
Middle and High School Years
  • Develop and strengthen organizational, time management and study skills
  • Teach note-taking skills for the classroom and research assignments
  • Improve writing skills for essays and research papers
  • Offer preparation and strategies for taking standardized tests such as SAT, ACT, Stanford
Achievement Tests, CRCT and High School Graduation Exit Exams
  • Arrange study groups for comprehensive semester exams
  • Improve foreign language skills College Students and Adult
  • Emphasize note-taking skills, essays, research papers, and time management
  • Prepare students for standardized assessments such as GACE (PRAXIS), CLEP or GRE
  • Instruct in higher-level math and science
  • Advise and instruct adults returning to college