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Member of GAPSEC (Georgia Association Private Schools for Exceptional Children) , GISA (Georgia Independent School Association), Wilson Accredited Partner & Accredited by Georgia Accreditation Commission


I wanted to say that Pat has done a wonderful job with D. We have greatly appreciated her kind spirit, her incredible patience, and the extra ways she made things work this summer. I know it would benefit D. to continue during the school year. – A thankful parent

My son, Mark, was a kid who had to find his way to learn. Ava White gave that gift to him. He learned how to study and found the best way for him to learn. He will be graduating from Georgia Tech in 2008 as a Mechanical Engineer. Thanks, Ava.    —Martha Zoller

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all the work Charles Stills did with Lance. Lance passed his graduation math test and received his diploma. Charles taught him more in two months than he learned in three years of high school.  I will gladly recommend your Tutorial Services to anyone that needs one. Thanks. —Connie Propes

I highly recommend Ava White as a Wilson Instructor. Ava has been instrumental in teaching my daughter to read. Upon consultation with Ava, she was tested for the Wilson Reading Program. What a difference! She is a voracious reader now and her Friday spelling tests are no longer a chore.  Ava is able to make challenging work understandable and fun. I have recommended Ava and the Wilson Reading Program to my friends and family, and I recommend Ava to you.  —Nonnie Marett Day

My child was apprehensive about whether this reading tutoring would add to her already stressful school work load. It did not take long for her to see improvement in her reading from each tutoring session. She looks forward to working with Mrs. White and has benefited from Mrs. White’s positive attitude.  I highly recommend Mrs. White as a Wilson Learning System trainer. Her knowledge and her ability to interpret the program to others make her a great asset. —Sally McCoun

I just wanted to let you know that Brad has thoroughly enjoyed your Study Skills class. He’s looked forward to every class. I used to teach the Cornell notetaking class when I taught high school and your notes are more indepth than mine.  I believe this class has helped Brad enormously as he enters middle school where there is more accountability and lecture. Thanks for such a good class and for being a great teacher. I would definitely recommend this class to any parent. It adds depth and reinforcement to alot of what teachers are already doing. —Karen Weaver

“Thank you for the SAT help. My son will be playing football at Emory and Henry College in Virginia. We are very proud of him and thank all of you at Ava White Tutorials for helping him achieve this goal.” – Amy S.

C.F. was accepted by Georgia Tech. 
SAT score on all 3 sections (Critical Reading, Math, Writing): 1910; by sections– Critical Reading 610, up 20 points; Math 650, up 70 points; Writing 650, up 50 points– all increases on the same SAT.  ACT scores: Composite 28. By sections– English 33, Math 24, Reading 30, Science, 25.

SAT all 3 sections (Critical Reading, Math, Writing) 1750. Increased Writing by 100 points

ACT English score increased from 24 to 30 after tutoring once a week for 4 weeks.

My daughter has accommodations for learning challenges and worked very hard for several months. These scores are awesome for her– ACT scores: Composite 22. By sections: English 22, Math 20, Reading 25, Science 21. All scores are increases on the same test. No small task for her.