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Wilson Testimonials

Well worth the time spent out of the classroom. I loved the “how to” part on Just Words. 

I love that Ava went over the actual steps of a lesson!

I was given great tips and hands-on activities. An enlightening workshop – loved the materials and Mrs. White is outstanding! 

GREAT workshop – this is my second time sitting through Fundations due to grade level change. It was very beneficial to sit in again and refresh what I already knew about the program. 

Excellent workshop – Our teachers should be able to start making a difference with our struggling readers

A valuable new method to teach my non-readers ! Exited to use Wilson.

I can not thank you enough for sharing your expertise, knowledge, tips to help me implement the Wilson program with my struggling readers.

Thank you so very much for sharing your knowledge in an upbeat and fun manner! I have really enjoyed the past three days and feel inspired to go out in the world and learn more! Your energy is contagious:)

One of the best workshops I’ve been to!

Only wish she could have spend days with us. Awesome! So pleasant and interesting- made learning fun!

Best training I have ever been to 🙂 Excellent job!

One of the most enjoyable informative trainings ever!

OUTSTANDING! Really knows material and audience! 🙂

I love your style of presentation and your ability to take a confused student/incorrect answer and POSITIVELY bring them to the appropriate answer.

Ava White is knowledgeable & an excellent presenter. Your program is lucky to have her.

Tons of resources provided and super preparation to be ready to use in the classroom. Lots of enthusiasm.